Customer comments

I used the Green Harissa Paste, and it was AMAZING.
Jan 2016

The nice man at the stall let us try them all, and we ended up with the Green Harissa Paste. It’s AMAZING.
Jan 2016

I’ve just finished a bottle of what’s been the best Peri Peri Sauce I’ve ever had.
Oct 2015

We bought a jar of the Green Harissa Paste and absolutely love it!!
Jan 2015

Just finished off dinner with some lovely Sweet Pimento & Chilli Jam a winner.
July 2014

Dear TheChilliPig: Your Sweet Pimento & Chilli Jam is so addictive I’m half-suspecting presence of crack. Don’t even care. *clutching spoon*
Jan 2014

I have nearly finished my LAST bottle of your wonderful paste. I hope that you will be able to fulfil my much needed ‘fix’ of your delicious product. The best ever!!
 Desperately seeking The Chilli Pig. I am over the moon that I can still get my favourite Green Harissa Paste. I always used to buy Belazu Rose Harissa till I found you. Why are you not targeting Waitrose or Sainsbury’s – your product is so much better than the Belazu?
July 2014

My brother is obsessed with your Bengal chutney, but just ate the last bit so I want to get him some more.
May 2014

We all enjoyed your chilli sauces so much that we would like to buy some more ASAP!
Dec 2013

Love the Chilli Jam I got yesterday!!!! Deeeelish!!!
May 2013

I bought two jars of your Chilli Jam just before Christmas at Bromley Market and we’ve eaten it all already! Suffice to say, we love it!
Jan 2012