About us

PP Enterprise is the trading arm of the charity Positive East based in Stepney Green in East London. PE has been providing advice and support to people affected by HIV since 1991. That means it supports about 2,000 individuals a year. Since 2011 it has seen its government funding cut by over £300,000 or some 20% even whilst the demand for its services increases as HIV continues to spread by 10% or more a year. Additionally with the arrival of anti-retroviral drugs people infected are living longer. So a double increase in demand.

The charity therefore attempts to augment its income through social enterprises and is pleased to be engaged with The Chilli Pig in the sale of high quality tasty products. The social enterprise provides the management and financial expertise in the joint working relationship whilst the majority owners of The Chilli Pig provide the recipes and the cooking skills.

Every jar of product sold contributes some 80pence on average to the work of the charity. So thank you for buying, we are sure you will enjoy the product and hope you will return and buy some more.